Bengbu carbon steel plate processing custom furniture (will decarburized steel plate rust)

Welcome to repost the original works of Market Value Fengyun APP, reprinting requires authorization (the above picture is Li Shuibo, the real controller of Xinlai Applied Materials) author| edited by Xian Yan| small shark Xinlai Applied Materials (300260.SZ) is a manufacturer of high-cleaning applied materials . To put it simply, the company mainly purchases stainless steel raw materials, processes, manufactures, and sells self-produced original equipment such as pipes, valves, and pumps for the three major industries of semiconductors, medicine, and food. The company went public in August 2011. With 2011-2012 as the boundary, the performance is really more distinct than the difference. Mr. Fengyun is already well-informed (argue if you don’t accept it), and it’s not surprising to see all kinds of coquettish appearances of listed companies before they go public. If you want to come to this company, you also suffer from "post-listing syndrome". However, such a "yin and yang face" still makes people feel a cold sweat: under the premise that the company's main business has not changed, the gross profit rate has dropped by 10%, the sales cost rate has increased by about 10%, and the operating profit rate and net profit rate have increased by 10%. The interest rate also fell by 10%...the weighted average return on net assets of 20%+ also followed the post-listing performance

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