Bengbu carbon steel plate cutting instructions (flatness of carbon steel plate)

16Mo3 is a low-alloy, high-temperature steel that is often used to manufacture components for high-temperature equipment such as boilers and pressure vessels. Its chemical composition includes elements such as chromium, molybdenum and iron, among which the content of chromium and molybdenum is relatively high, which are 0.3%~0.5% and 0.25%~0.35% respectively. The addition of these elements can improve the high temperature resistance of the steel plate, enabling it to withstand stress and corrosion under high temperature and high pressure conditions. 2. 16Mo3 steel plate executive standard: EN10028 European standard executive standard 3. 16Mo3 steel plate steel plate size, shape, weight and allowable deviation a. The size, shape and allowable deviation of the steel plate should comply with the provisions of the national standard b. The thickness deviation of the steel plate should comply with GB/ T709 B-type deviation requirements, according to the requirements of the buyer, can also be delivered according to GB/T709 C-type deviation c. The steel plate is delivered according to the theoretical weight, and the density of the steel plate used for calculation is 7.85g/cm. 4. Production process of 16Mo3 steel plate: raw materials (scrap steel, pig iron, molten iron) - electric furnace (100 tons electric arc furnace smelting), converter - LF furnace molten steel refining treatment - VD or VOD furnace molten steel vacuum

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