Bengbu carbon steel plate cutting machine processing factory (Jian laser cutting carbon steel plate

Control of welding material procurement management Welding materials refer to the materials consumed during welding. The welding materials used in boiler factories include welding rods, welding wires, fluxes, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. Welding material is a particularly important part of boiler products, and its quality determines the final life of boiler products. Managing and controlling the procurement, distribution, and use of welding materials is of great significance for strengthening enterprise management and improving the quality of boiler products. The main process flow chart of the use of welding materials in boiler factories is shown in Figure 1. 1.1 The selection and procurement of welding materials is important for boiler manufacturers ( Hereinafter referred to as "boiler factory"), due to the need to use a large amount of welding materials in the production and manufacture of boilers, mainly including welding rods, welding wires, flux, oxygen and so on. When selecting welding materials, the design, process and production departments should follow the current national regulations and standards of GB/T5117 "Carbon Steel Welding Rod" and GB/T5293 "Carbon Steel Welding Wire and Flux for Submerged Arc Welding", and according to the boiler products designed by our factory And process requirements, select the welding rods, welding wires and fluxes of relevant grades provided by the purchasing department. Electrode selection

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