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Scrap steel price adjustment notice on the 14th Jiangsu Province From July 14th, Lianyungang Xingxin scrap steel will increase by 50. The maximum charge for 10mm steel plate molds is 2280, and the maximum charge for heavy scrap is 2160. Thick burrs (more than 5mm are charged at the price of mold steel, and the proportion of 3-5mm burrs is higher than scrap) 50, below 3mm will be priced as heavy waste). The price difference between secondary heavy waste and heavy waste is 100. 500 bucks per ton for medium waste. The specification requires 60*60, and the deduction starts at 100 yuan/ton if the specification exceeds the specification. A small amount of medium waste and light waste mixed in will be severely punished, and more than 20% will be returned! A processing fee of 40 yuan will be charged for scrap steel that needs to be processed below 40 centimeters. Excluding tax, on July 14, the receiving price of Wuxi Xinsanzhou Special Steel Scrap was partially raised: steel plate above 10 2310 die steel 2290 heavy waste first grade 2040 second grade 1990 horseshoe above 6 2110, below 6 2050 hot punching 2420 steel bar cutting head 2420 cold First class 2220 second class 2170 melon seeds slices 2230 skin 1910-1940, excluding tax July 14 Lianyungang Yinxin part rose 50, refined furnace charge 2220-2350 heavy waste 2070-21

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