Bengbu Carbon Steel Double Drum Rivet Size

In the context of lightweight modern automobiles, various new materials, such as medium and high-strength steels and non-ferrous metals, have been increasingly used in automobile structures and parts. focus on. Among various welding processes, the resistance spot welding process is widely used because of its reliable quality and low cost. However, due to the high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, and the correspondingly low resistance, conventional resistance spot welding cannot meet the requirements of lightweight automobiles, so manufacturers can only choose high-cost mechanical joining processes, such as self-piercing Rivets or screws etc. Today, however, the unique DeltaSpot resistance spot welding equipment will be the first choice. Basic principle FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLEDeltaSpot is characterized by its resistance spot welding with special process welding strips. The continuous movement of the process ribbon enables uninterrupted welding operations and ensures constant quality requirements for solder joints. First of all, the process welding strip ensures that the electrode and the aluminum material are not in direct contact; at the same time, after the previous solder joint is completed, the welding strip will carry all the pollutants on the aluminum surface

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