What is the size of Bengbu carbon steel double drum rivets (carbon steel one sword)

The main forms of metal structures are: frame structure, container structure, box structure, and general component structure. 2. According to the nature of the process, riveter operations can be divided into: material preparation, lofting, processing and forming, assembly and connection. 3. The connection methods of metal structures include: riveting, welding, mixed riveting and welding, and bolting. 4. In the machinery manufacturing industry, riveters belong to the thermal processing category. 5. Thermal processing: all or part of the metal material is heated and processed. 6. The truss structure is a structure made of (profile) as the main body. 7. The container structure is a structure made of (plate) as the main body. 8. The box structure and general structure are structures manufactured by mixing (plate) and (profile). 9. Material preparation refers to the preparation of (raw material) and (part blank). 10. Steel plates and profiles may be deformed during the process (transportation, hoisting, storage). 11. The deformation of steel will affect the normal operation of parts (lifting, blanking, gas cutting) and other processes. 12. If the deformation of the parts during processing is not corrected, it will affect the correct assembly of the structure. 13. Distortion from welding can degrade assembly

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