Bengbu Carbon Steel Double Drum Rivet Customization (Isothermal Transformation Curve of Carbon Steel

Ordinary ball bearing cage: J, W, RJ and TW type Assembly, which separates the balls, maintains symmetrical radial spacing and, in most cases, holds the bearing together. Cages can provide lubrication by acting as a reservoir for oil or by providing a solid film through the cage material itself or a coating on the cage. The designer's selection of a proper cage design is critical to achieving the expected life and performance of the bearing. There are four basic types of cages that are the most common, readily available and perform well in most applications: Type J, Type W, Type RJ, and Type TW. "J" Style: A two-piece strap consisting of two halves, with one half assembled from one side and the other half assembled from the other. Fold down the tab to secure the two halves. This type of cage is guided by balls. "Loose" rivet types provide lower torque. Material is Type 302 stainless steel. Also available in brass and carbon steel. These types of cages can be found in

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