Bengbu carbon steel manufacturers (whether there is formaldehyde in carbon steel paint)

The tube furnace is a vertical furnace, which is composed of a gas burner, a furnace cylinder radiation chamber, a convection chamber, a chimney and other main components. The wall is welded by refractory short steel plate, and the inner wall has a refractory material with a thickness of not less than 120 mm to ensure that the cylinder can withstand a higher temperature. The pipe is made of stainless steel or carbon steel pipe welded (the material is determined according to the user's needs), and the chimney is equipped with an adjustable damper to ensure better working efficiency of the system. The shell of the tubular furnace is welded by high-quality cold-rolled steel plates. The surface of the furnace is electrostatically sprayed with baking paint. The furnace mouth adopts a side-opening structure, and the built-in quartz tube is matched with it. , convenient and flexible. The main body lining of the furnace is made of ceramic fiber with strong thermal insulation performance, good thermal stability and high chemical stability, which has been hardened and treated by Mitsubishi imported from Japan. Surrounded by heat. Things to pay attention to when using a tube furnace: 1. Do not break chips, filter paper, or cotton swabs.

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