Custom-made film carbon steel cooling rolls (which one is more expensive, carbon steel or steel)

[Fubao Information] Adjustment of stone steel scrap steel on the 15th, see the price list for details: Furnace fine materials: heavy ≥ 20mm3047 heavy ≥ 15mm3047 heavy ≥ 10mm3047 heavy ≥ 6mm3047, medium ≥ 3mm2939, small ≥ 1mm2867, light and thin material ≤ 1mm2635; processing Wool: heavy ≥ 6mm2946, medium ≥ 3mm2875, excluding tax [Fubao Information] The price of stone steel will be adjusted from 15:00 on the 15th. Please see the price list for details. 20. Horseshoes 3000-3040, premium materials 3010-3040, first-grade materials 2930, leftover materials 2980-3040 red beans 3040 steel heads within 10cm 3040. [Fubao Information] Jiangxi Pinggang’s latest receiving price on the 15th: heavy scrap 2975, medium scrap 2955, small scrap 2925, general scrap 2895, light scrap 2603, charge 1 2965, charge 2 2935, charge 3 28

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