Thin film carbon steel cooling roll (requirements for selection of carbon steel globe valve)

Valve model sealing surface or lining material code table: Note: 1. The valve seat sealing material code directly processed by the valve body is represented by "W". 2. When the sealing material of the valve seat and disc (valve plate) is different, it shall be indicated by the code of low hardness material (except diaphragm valve). Valves should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage must be blocked. Valves stored for a long time should be checked regularly to remove dirt and apply anti-rust oil on the processing surface. For the valves in operation, all valve parts should be complete and intact. The bolts on the flange and the bracket are indispensable, and the threads should be intact and no loosening is allowed. It is not allowed to knock, stand on or support heavy objects on the valve in operation; especially non-metallic valves and cast iron valves are even more prohibited. Five units, valve model sealing material (code list): six units, valve model Nominal pressure value directly expressed in Arabic numerals (__MPa) MPa value 10 times the number of kilograms Seven units, valve model valve body material (code list): 1 , Valve model Valve body material code table: Note: gray cast iron valve with Pg ≤ 16kgf/cm2, carbon steel valve with Pg ≥ 25kgf/cm2

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