Unevenness of thin carbon steel plate (density of carbon steel plate)

Starting from September 22, part of Tangshan common billet Changli resources (HX) and local steel mills in Tangshan both dropped 20 to 3310 with tax to leave the factory. (Unit: yuan/ton) Starting from September 22 in the Northeast region of steel scrap, Jilin Jianlong Iron and Steel Price Adjustment Notice: Heavy and medium-sized cuts by 30, and broken cuts by 50. From September 22, the execution price of Liaoyang Xinpenghui Steel Works in Liaoning fell by 30: fine material 2520, A material 2470, B material 2420, C material 2370, excluding tax. Starting from September 22, Liaoning Chaoyang Yitong scrap steel receipt price adjustment: 2450 for medium and heavy qualified materials with thickness above 6, 2320 for 4-6 small qualified materials, 2220 for 3-4 qualified materials, 2150 for 1-3 sheared materials, excluding Tax. From 0:00 on September 22, scrap steel in Liaoning Xinfu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. fell by 30. The specific execution price: concentrate 2670, scrap steel 2620, and steel bar head 2940, including tax. Starting from September 22 in central China, scrap briquetting in Henan Luogang fell by 20, and the rest remained unchanged: steel plate 2390-2440, first-grade pig iron 2320, second-grade 2220, special type 8 thick 2400, heavy A price

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