Does thin carbon steel have burrs when cutting with nitrogen gas (carbon steel wire rope price)

The scope of application of subject content refers to standards: GB1102 round strand steel wire rope; GB5144 safety regulations for tower cranes; BG5972 practical specification for inspection and scrapping of steel wire ropes for hoisting machinery; Terminology Lifting mechanism: the transmission mechanism that enables the hanging platform to run up and down; the hanging platform: the suspended mechanism that can move up and down, so that the operator can reach the working place of the building or the structure; the suspension mechanism: used to fix The steel wire rope and safety wire rope of the hanging platform are lifted and erected on the structure of the building or the structure; safety lock: when the hanging platform falls below the limit speed, the device can automatically lock the hanging platform, and the device cannot be automatically reset ;Stroke limit: limit the running distance and position of the hanging platform platform in the upper and lower aspects, rated load: the maximum value of the sum of the mass of workers, tools, equipment and materials allowed on the hanging platform platform; standing hanging basket: put The hanging basket is used as a permanent accessory of a building or a building; a non-stationary hanging basket: a hanging basket temporarily erected on a building or a building; railed

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