Thin Common Carbon Steel Plate Thickness (How To Weld Carbon Steel Thick Plate)

Your question is not targeted enough. Different types of laser cutting machines should be selected for different materials. Not to mention foreign countries, there are tens of thousands of domestic desktop laser marking machine brands. If enterprises want to survive, they must have their own. Housekeeping skills. So you need to inform your specific needs: cutting material, cutting thickness, cutting format size, precision process requirements, etc. At present, laser cutting machines mainly include fiber laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, and YAG laser cutting machine. It can cut stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate within 12MM. It is the laser cutting machine with the fastest cutting speed among the three machines. It has small kerf and good spot quality, which can be used for fine cutting. Main disadvantages and disadvantages: At present, most of the core key technologies of fiber lasers are in the hands of one or two manufacturers in Europe, America and other countries, so most of the machines are expensive, and most of the machines cost more than 1.5 million, and the low-power ones are basically in the About 500,000 yuan, because the optical fiber slit is very thin during cutting

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