Thin-walled high carbon steel pipe (how to solve trachoma in carbon steel pipe)

Spiral pipe is what we call spiral steel pipe, welded steel pipe, spiral welded pipe, and double-sided submerged arc spiral steel pipe. At present, the standard length of spiral steel pipe manufacturers is 12 meters per piece. The spiral pipe has undergone a pressure test before leaving the factory. The manufacturer's hydraulic machine can only test the hydraulic pressure of the 12-meter spiral steel pipe. Therefore, when the spiral pipe is used in water transportation, oil, natural gas and other industries, it can withstand a certain pressure. If the user is in As a piling spiral steel pipe, it does not need to be pressed, and other lengths of spiral pipes can be customized, including 6 meters, 9 meters or even 18 meters, but we recommend that the length of the spiral pipe should not exceed 12 meters. The following reasons are mainly considered: 1. On the one hand, the transportation vehicle is too long, and it is convenient to enter and exit the project site. But there are exceptions to everything, depending on the actual situation. 2. From the perspective of handling and hoisting, if the spiral pipe is too long, it may not be able to be lifted during construction and handling. When using a tower crane to lift the construction site, it is not easy to find the center of gravity, which will affect the construction. To sum up, the standard length of the spiral pipe is basically 12 meters per piece. Each length of large-diameter spiral steel pipe

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