Number carbon steel (which one is more expensive, galvanized or carbon steel)

Carbon steel pressed steel pipe fittings. Contact us: 166-3072-1359. The fire-fighting compression pipe fittings production plant extends across the sales area. Including Leling City, Xiajin County, Ningjin County, Wucheng County, etc. in Dezhou. Delivered across the country in many counties and cities in Dezhou, it mainly produces various products such as water supply and drainage press-fit steel pipes, plastic-coated press-fit pipe fittings, fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipes, and plastic-coated press-fit pipe fittings. Know little knowledge: Compared with traditional milli steel pipe fittings, material costs can be reduced by 20-30%, and labor costs can be reduced by 30-50%. With the promotion of pressed pipe fittings, the cost of raw materials will be further reduced after mass production, which will benefit both Party A and Party B.

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