Swords made of pure carbon steel (spring manganese steel or carbon steel is better)

Today I will install a full set of shields for my Phantom 1. There are five sets of shields in total. This is a steering gear shield, these two are battery shields, and this one is a wire harness shield. The last one is the motor shield. ·The manganese steel material is used to install this one now. The hardness of this manganese steel material is relatively thick and the hardness is relatively high, so I choose the manganese steel material. This is the fiberboard of the original car that the master just removed. It is so thin, can it protect the chassis? Certainly not. ·Removed this one is the exposed guard plate of the original car, this one is the assembly of the steering gear, and this one is worn by the steering gear alone. This one is the battery and nothing is protected? Such a thick battery is here, if it is accidentally scratched while driving on the road, imagine what the consequences will be. ·This is the fiber guard. After removing it, the motor is directly exposed outside, and this one is the battery harness. It is completely useless to rely on such a thin piece of guard, and it is not good to be exposed outside. ·This is the original car with the guard plate removed from the original car.

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