Uses of pure carbon steel (carbon steel increases with carbon content)

1. The thickness of carbon scrap steel plate is more than 2mm, the diameter of wire rod is more than 4mm, and the unit weight is more than 0.25kg. Various carbon scrap steel. These include scrap steel, scraps, steel products, steel castings, scrap machine parts, steel agricultural tools, etc., and alloy scrap should not be mixed. 2. The specifications of alloy steel scrap are the same as those of carbon steel scrap, including various alloy steel scraps, mechanical parts, alloy steel castings, etc. Alloy steel shall be separated according to various steel grades, and carbon scrap shall not be mixed. 3. Thin plate scraps, silicon steel sheets, iron drums, packaging iron sheets, automobile cabs, scrap steel wires, iron wires, and wire ropes with a diameter of less than 4mm, such as light and thin materials. When the yield per ton is below 60%, converter steel production refuses to return to it. Generally, it is similar to light and thin materials, packing, briquetting, etc., which are specially used for power furnace steel production, but converter steel production should depend on resource conditions. 4. Steel shavings must not be mixed with iron shavings, no impurities, no oxidized lumps, no non-ferrous metals, long and short shavings should be separated, and carbon steel shavings should be separated from alloy steel shavings. 5. Waste gray iron castings, machine tool beds, low-pressure valves, steel

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