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In recent years, anti-corrosion engineering construction technology has mostly appeared as multiple-choice questions, but the teaching materials will change a lot in 2021. Among them, the equipment and pipeline anti-corrosion engineering construction technology requirements will change a lot. This year, we should pay attention to it. The focus of this chapter is on anti-corrosion engineering. The construction methods associated with this chapter include static equipment and pipelines. 1. Equipment and pipeline corrosion types and anti-corrosion measures 1. Equipment and pipeline corrosion types-①Corrosion mechanism-chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion. For example: (This paragraph is new content in 2021) There is a potential difference between iron ions and chromium ions in the contact between stainless steel and non-alloy steel and low-alloy steel to form a micro-battery, resulting in electrochemical corrosion; chloride ions chemically corrode stainless steel and dissolve its surface blunt Pitting corrosion (pitting corrosion) caused by chemical film, these small pits are pitting corrosion nuclei, under natural conditions, when the medium containing chloride ions contains oxygen or cationic oxygen or cationic oxidant, electrochemical corrosion can promote the growth of pitting nuclei Dacheng corrosion pit. ②Corrosive environment--atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, fresh water corrosion, chemical medium corrosion, high temperature corrosion. ③Destruction form--full

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